Multicultural wedding in Germany

Aman and Wiebke, destination multicultural wedding in Germany

Love can climb mountains, swim lakes and cross oceans. It travels around the world and through every person from of all walks of life and cultures. It brings people together and conquers any barriers or differences they may have. It brought Aman and Wiebke together. From different countries and cultures, they crossed paths during their time studying in University in France, which began their love story, which led them to their special day in Munich. 

They decided to have two different wedding ceremonies to celebrate both cultures. The Indian ceremony was held on the Friday where Aman’s family dressed the groom up in traditional Indian style wedding clothes and accessories including a curtain of beads hanging down his face while he walked 700 meters with his family and friends celebrating and singing until he was ready to meet his bride. The ceremony was packed with traditional customs from giving blessings, gifts and prayers. 

After the ceremony, the family enjoyed lunch and traditional dancing and singing making it a really fun, unique, different experience for all those involved.

Saturday was the day of the Protestant wedding, which was full of love, emotion and sincerity. Personal touches were added to the traditional ceremony from Weibke’s father, who played a very special song that he used to play for his daughter when she was a little girl on the church organ. This moment was electrifying and everyone, including me, felt the emotion ripple through the church and tears were shed. 

The wedding party then moved onto the reception venue via boat, which gave us an excellent opportunity to take some amazing photographs that truly captured the love and happiness this couple share with one another. 

Thank you for giving me the feeling I have today and reminding me of how much I love my job. Not only was an amazing wedding, full of joy and love but full of deep family connections, which is one of the things that I secretly search for and was given to me by Wiebke’s father. A truly wonderful gift, which allowed me to touch that love. I still cry when I remember it, I feel it in my heart, and I am so thankful. I feel blessed and grateful to be given the opportunity to experience and witness this love. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. And as the song played at your party… “I get wings to fly I feel that I'm alive”

Thanks for all the help of my second shooters: Patrick Engel and Marios Kourouniotis.