Best 2017

My best photos from weddings in 2017

2017 was an amazing year full of travelling and emotions. Also it was the year with my new brand Momenticos by Rocio Vega. I´ve been known as Veroa for the last 16 years, and though it was a hard decision it was the right moment for a big change. My photography has evolved in the last years, and more than ever it's about moments. For me the feelings and relationships that are behind a wedding its what is important. I want to capture what is happenning around the bride and the groom, what the father is feeling: for him it is a tough day, his daughter is getting married; or the feeling of true happiness in the mom´s face, or the friends having crazy fun. Everyone who is at the wedding is important for the couple, and so it is for me.

Soon I´ll be publishing the weddings, this is just a big resume of this wonderful year. I am thankful to all the couples that trusted in me for capturing their special day: Damien & Jennifer that got married in  Château de Verderonne  in Paris. Nancy & Daniël got married in Sant Gillis, Brussels. Marco & Santi with their two weddings, first in  Stadhuis city Hall Gouda. and the second wedding in Cigarral de las Mercedes in Toledo. Vanessa & Raúl got married in Monte La Reina in Zamora, Spain, Tamara & Carlos in El Molino del Real, Ponferrada; Miriam & Alberto in Castillo de Villalonso Zamora, Begoña & Mark in Antigua Fábrica de Harinas Torremocha de Jarama, Beatriz & Claudio in  De Floriana in Ponferrada, Beatriz & Vicente in El Parador in Zamora, Miguel Angel & Clara in Abadía de los Templarios in la Alberca, Natacha & Raquel in Hacienda Zorita Arribes del Duero, Clara & Víctor in Ligüerre De Cinca Aragón, and Laura & Alejandro in Hotel Conde Luna León.

I Also had the big pleasure to second shoot for Franck Boutonnet  in Laura & Nas wedding in Dubai at the Emirates PalaceAlex & Erin wedding in a Chalet in Chamonix, Johanna & Johannes wedding in  Château de Grimaldi  in Les camus, Paul & Sara Domaine du Mont Leuze in Villefranche. 

And an amazing engagement session with Mauricio &  Mariache.

I hope you enjoy this collection of momenticos that I capture through all the year.

Rocio Vega