Wedding in Hacienda Zorita, Raquel & Natacha

We all have our ideas of how our wedding should be, what it should represent and even who we should marry. For Natacha and Raquel, it was pretty simple. They didn’t want a flashy, extravagant show that boasts their relationship to hundreds of people that they didn’t even know, but one that celebrates their love, commitment and dedication to each other to the people that really matter. Natacha and Raquel tied the knot in a beautiful, intimate ceremony in front of their most beloved and their 3 children in

Sometimes, you meet your soul mate when you least expect it and it knocks you down like lightening. This was true for Natacha and Raquel. Natacha was already married to her husband when she first laid eyes on Raquel two years ago in the hotel she was running. Raquel was staying at the hotel with her parents for the weekend. Little did she know that her weekend trip was going to change her life. Natacha describes the first sighting of her soul mate as love at first sight. She tried everything in her power to spend as much time in Raquel’s presence as possible and when Raquel left, she was left heartbroken. The feelings she had for Raquel were so strong, she felt it was her duty to herself to tell her husband, get divorced and be with the person she was destined to be with. 

You could sense that the electricity that was there between them two years ago is still very much alive, if not stronger by watching them together at the wedding. The way they connect and the way they look and touch, confirms their genuine love and passion for one another. 

They chose not to follow the path of a traditional Spanish wedding but to personalise the wedding to represent them as a couple. It was a casual, laidback ceremony held outside in the gardens. Brunch was also served outside in the sunshine with children happily playing together in the swimming pool. Instead of formalising the occasion by having everyone seated, they wanted their guests to roam freely with each other. A live band played their favourite songs and they did something out of the ordinary. Something traditionally found in French weddings – they played games! The wedding party was split into two teams while the brides answered questions about one another in a ‘Mrs and Mrs’ style. Fun and exciting challenges were also set for the guests to bring a joyful, playful atmosphere to the day.

The day itself was so much fun, relaxed and full of genuine happiness and laughter.  Day turned into night and the guests partied and celebrated free love and the couple’s happiness and success in finding one another. Free love should be about marrying your soul mate and life partner, not about keeping up with societal norms and expectations. Natacha and Raquel achieved that with each other. They now live happily with their three children in Zamora. If I could choose one word to summarise and story and wedding of these two brides it would be: destiny. 

Rocio Vega