Hey there, my name is Rocio Vega and I’m ibiza wedding photoGrapher!

Yes I’m a Ibiza Wedding Photographer, but also I'm a mother, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a woman in love of photography, travelling and a momenticos collector. 

Photography is quite everything for me. Constant things happen around us, and our memory is fragile, the magic of the photography keeps them alive forever.


The way I experience weddings:


If you are looking for a memorable experience and for someone to not only be a part of your wedding but a part of your lives, then I’d love to talk with you about what you are planning. I start every conversation with new couples on the phone because it’s the best way to start to know more about you and your story.


More about me, the mother, the woman, the person behind the camera:


I am gonna live your wedding as if it was my best friend's wedding, I'm gonna care about you and your loved ones, and feel intensively all what happens around you. I'm gonna capture the pictures that I would love to have for myself.