Destination wedding photographer

Constant things happen around us, and our memory is fragile, the magic of the photography keeps them alive forever


of little moments


Hey there, I’m Rocio Vega. I'm a mother, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a woman in love with photography, travelling and a momenticos collector.

I've been shooting weddings for 17 years, I've captured more than 400 weddings in 10 different countries and I keep climbing in love with my craft.

MOMENT [momentum]

An indefinitely short period of time; instant. In the Ancient Rome they defined moment as 1min and 30 secs. So 1 hour was divided in 40 moments.


An indefinitely tiny period of time; tiny instant. The most intense version of the moment.


Photography gives us the possibility of remembering forever these instants that make our life unique…


My obsession is to capture feelings in the most beautiful and simple way. Those fleeting moments that pass by so fast in our daily life but that fill up our memory with joy and happiness.

My mission is to create a visual legacy for your family. I want to capture the images that I would love to have for myself. For me a wedding is a gathering of family and friends. A perfect excuse to share with those we love the most.